Real people talk about real places.

“This community has naturally attracted people who share the values that the neighborhood represents: family, friends, safety, the environment, and recreation.”

– Susie C., Resident, Wellington Neighborhood

“One of the best places on earth.”

– Mathew G., Internationally recognized photographer

“I agree with David’s vision of a pedestrian friendly design… Pedestrian bridges, bike paths and parks will foster and improve everything that is good about our community now.”

– Ben B., Resident of Wellington Neighborhood, born in Breckenridge

“Best affordable houses on the slope.”

– Metropolitan Home

“Never before have we enjoyed the kind of community the Wellington neighborhood offers. We walk down the street and say hello to neighbors. We have met lifelong friends who will be around to watch our child grow into adulthood. It is an immeasurable and invaluable addition to our lives.”

– Ellen R., Resident, mother of two, school director & mountain biker

“Something precious can be found on an old mining site.”

– Cottage Living

“Our neighborhood is within walking distance to a vibrant downtown that provides entertainment, cultural amenities, great restaurants and recreational activities. Living that close to such opportunities is a treat.”

– Jennifer F., Resident

“…trail access is second to NONE, great for kids to play outside when weather is nice, only 1.5 mi to Main St., easy to bike into town.”

– Jeff C., Neighbor, expert mountain biker, father and Twitter junkie

“I am a huge fan of what David and the town have created so far; I believe it is a credit to the people involved to have the foresight to create a community where the backbone of the County can live.”

– David R., Resident, ski instructor, father of two and ping pong enthusiast

“Artful planning with a sense of history.”

– Sunset Magazine