Traditional Neighborhood Builders

We needed a general contractor that was concerned about customer satisfaction after the warranty expired, and a contractor who knew what “place” was and cared about it.

We created a captive general contractor to do all of our building and project management. Between the Wellington and Peak One Neighborhoods, Traditional Neighborhood Builders (“TNB”) has done approximately $60 million in horizontal and vertical construction, year round often in the most extreme conditions – Winter at 9,600′ elevation. TNB established a web based project management system and online customer warranty claim service back when “the cloud” was something in the sky that brought rain and snow. In addition, TNB relies heavily upon a critical checklist culture that results in a level of quality and control seldom seem in high country construction projects. The best places are built by local subcontractors for themselves, their families and their friends. So, whenever possible, TNB uses local subcontractors and suppliers. Finally, many important critical “making place” decisions are made on the fly, in the field. TNB is committed to getting it right.