Whole Foods Frisco

Frisco’s Interstate Parcel had come to be defined as the “third rail of Frisco politics”. The last project proposed for this Town owned site had bitterly divided the community and ultimately was defeated in a citizen driven referendum.


RETAIL SPACE AVAILABLE. Download PDF for more information. (3.2 MB PDF)

And that is where our current story began. We felt the site presented a unique opportunity to both Whole Foods Market and the Town. From Whole Foods Market’s perspective, the site was in the middle of Colorado Ski Country, with a strong local market and an opportunity to serve literally millions of destination visitors. We convinced Whole Foods Market that they had worked hard to create relationships with these visitors at home and that they should “follow them” on vacation. From the Town’s perspective, the site presented the opportunity to re-brand Frisco’s I-70 gateway, enhance community character, and generate direct and indirect revenue.

In contrast to the dissension just a few years ago, within weeks of going public with our proposal, our Facebook page — Friends of Whole Foods Frisco — had been liked or friended by over 600 people and a few months later Town Council, with little opposition, approved the project 7 – 0.

As of April 29th, 2014, Whole Foods Frisco has opened it’s doors and is rapidly becoming a thriving anchor of the Frisco Basecamp retail center. More retail space is available and is detailed at Basecamp – Whole Foods, as well as the Whole Foods Frisco Basecamp brochure above. Learn more about Basecamp Center at basecamp-frisco.com. For further information regarding available lease opportunities, contact Kate Clement at 303.443.5600 Ext 706 or email kclement@brynngrey.com.