Since 1988 Brynn Grey’s mission has been to serve, create place and connect people.



Our mission starts with the idea of “service” and a commitment to all of our stakeholders. Business is more than making a profit. As Whole Foods Market founder John Mackey has said, “It’s about a higher purpose and creating value for others”.

And others include all of our stakeholders, not just the investors — but also employees, customers, suppliers, the community and the environment. We subscribe to the Conscious Capitalism philosophy: higher purpose, stakeholder orientation, conscious leadership and conscious culture.


Create Place

What is place? We think of it as space that is timeless and loved. It needs to be defined. It must be in a context and a stream of history. And it needs to connect people on an emotional level. Half of it is great architecture and half is great uses. It is where people want to be and where they want to hang out. It attracts people and promotes relationships. In a virtual world, it offers something “real”. It starts with a simple idea – a vision. Then the vision needs to be tested:  first, there must be solid market research providing both quantitative and qualitative data and the research needs to be filtered by intuition, a “gut check”, that comes from decades of experience. Second, there needs to be an understanding of the of the people involved – identifying all of the stakeholders and influencers and understanding their needs and objectives. Third, there needs to be a realistic development schedule reflecting the vagaries of the entitlement process. Finally, there needs to be detailed financial proformas to identify and resolve key assumptions and, ultimately, confirm financial feasibility. When the vision, research, people, schedule and proforma align, then you have something compelling, something worth pursuing – you have an opportunity to create place.


Connect People

Once place is created, the connections follow naturally. Our neighborhoods are a catalyst to a variety of local activities, including: Maverick Sports mountain bike events, the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5k running race, numerous Summit Nordic Ski Club events, the Arapahoe Basin Ski-a-thon benefiting the Summit Country Preschool, sponsorships for local school sports teams, and more. Likewise, our commercial projects also create their own energy: bringing people together with live music from local musicians, weekly outdoor yoga in the park, local running races, annual bike to work day, with much more.


Solve Complex Land Use Problems

At the core of what we do is solve complex land use problems through a multi-disciplinary approach drawing upon our extensive experience in market research, design, land planning, architecture, law, agency liaison, public-private partnerships, construction, finance, branding, marketing and property management. Local land use decisions are ultimately a political decision, a community making difficult choices between competing priorities, and political decisions often require getting involved in grass roots lobbying and, on occasion, local election campaigns. We do that as well. Add to that our experience with work-outs and private equity construction lending, an extensive network of experienced and enthusiastic land use professionals; decades of public process experience; and an indefatigable spirit, and, well, our team makes things happen! Most important though, and make no mistake, our track record and connections on the ground are critically important in establishing one of the key elements in solving any complex land use problem – trust.



Sustainable Design & Development

Sustainable design and development is integrated into the core of Brynn Grey thinking and methodology. An understanding of the benefits of sustainability was a big part of our thinking back in 1999 when we launched the Wellington Neighborhood. For starters, we took a historic mining brownfield with thirty-foot high basketball sized rock and transformed it into a thriving traditional neighborhood. This resulted in our being awarded the EPA’s highest award, the National Award for Smart Growth Achievement. At the same time (long before LEED, Green Globes or Energy Star became standard practice), we worked directly with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to review and critique our plans to maximize energy efficiency and sustainability. Then, over the last two decades, we have implemented various sustainability programs including Green Building Initiative’s Green Globes 1 and the EPA’s Energy Star2 programs. In this period “where there is a change in the pace of change”, we endeavor to stay current on matters related to the environment, culture and technology, and work to keep actively exploring opportunities to innovate and improve sustainability on all Brynn Grey projects.

BGP has team members with specific training and expertise in sustainability. Ronnie Pelusio is a LEED-Accredited Professional, AIA-licensed architect, with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, a Master’s degree in Architecture and has established experience with designing Energy Star, LEED, and Green Globes certified buildings and LEED ND Neighborhoods.