We create place.

What is place? We think of it as space that is timeless
and loved. It needs to be defined. It must be in a context and
a stream of history. And it needs to connect people on an emotional level. We take it a step beyond real estate development…

Half of it is great architecture and half is great uses. It is where people want to be and where they want to hang out. It attracts people and promotes relationships. In a virtual world, it offers something “real”.

Creating place is a complex process. Brynn Grey brings to that process extensive experience in visioning, design, planning, construction, contracts, law, finance, marketing, property management, public relations and public/private partnerships. Add to that an extensive network of experienced and enthusiastic design, marketing and real estate professionals and we are, well, indefatigable. While most in our industry were heading for cover during the worst real estate downturn since the Great Depression, we continued to invest and develop. And that is the beauty of creating place. In addition to being timeless and loved, it is remarkably resilient during economic downturns.

On the left, you will see some of our stories about creating place. Whatever your interest in real estate or creating place – property owner, investor, developer, retailer, planner or elected official – we welcome a chance to chat.