Peak One Neighborhood

The Town started a competitive process to select a development partner and offered up a choice parcel worth millions of dollars to the winner. 17 firms responded to the request for qualifications.

Peak One NeighborhoodA review committee, comprised of community members, Town Council and staff, selected the top 5 firms and these firms were invited to submit proposals of which we were one. We did an exhaustive job researching local land use regulations and understanding community goals and priorities. Perhaps of greatest value, we spent time with project opponents to fully understand their concerns. All of this research came together in a detailed vision statement and design proposal which eventually led to creating the “Frisco look”. In addition, we put together comprehensive financial proformas, proposed Development Agreement, and, finally, a detailed proposal on project financing through our affiliate Housing Investors. We won the competition. As the third phase of the project is about to begin, the lead in the local Summit Daily News article on the project declared a widely shared community sentiment — “A celebration is in order for the Peak One Neighborhood…” Find more information at